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The book series School of Wonders is part of the fantasy genre. There are currently no published books, as the first one, The Infernal Device, is still being written. It is set in the fictional world of Atherea, where magic is real and your element and genes are everything. The books are about four fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds kids, Aidan, Mizu, Geo, and Simon, who are kidnapped from their homes. The only thing similar about them? They all go to Wynnian, School of Elemental studies. Oh, and also? They are all part of a supposed mythological element, Ether (or Life). They learn about the element of Death, and how it is corrupting their world, one gene, one person at a time. They must go on a quest to retrieve the orb of Mortem, a device that makes anyone with Death genes who looks into it evil. This evil is slowly creeping up on Atherea, shortening its days and devouring its sun. And yet, no one notices. Will Aidan, Mizu, Geo, and Simon be able to restore the sun and stop unnatural Death? Or will everything go up in flames?the admin dashboard for more tips.

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